Current Openings at PRO – Seeking the Best of the Best in Portland

About 35 members at PRO meet bright and early each Friday at the Multnomah Athletic Club.  Our meetings begin at 7:00am.  We currently have openings for great service providers in the following categories.

If you are interested in visiting our group, please call our 2015 membership coordinator, Mark Herron from Classique Floors at (503) 849-9741 or mark(at)

Appliance Sales and Repair

Attorney (Estate Planning)

Attorney (Family Law)

Auto Body



Computer Consultant

Contractor (Electrical)

Contractor (Roofing)

Disaster Restoration

Dry Cleaner

Employment Service

Glass Services

Graphic Design

Hair Stylist

Home Inspections

Insurance (L/H/D)

Insurance (Supplemental)

Janitorial Service **


Marriage and Family Counselor

Massage Therapist

Merchant Card Services


Pest Control

Radio Station

Real Estate (Commercial)


Security Systems

Sign Company

Skin Care/Cosmetics PENDING

Travel Agent


Wedding Coordinator

* must be licensed by state

** commercial only

Angela Todd is the principal designer at Angela Todd Designs, a premier interior design boutique firm in Portland, Oregon specializing in new construction, remodeling and full home furnishings. Learn more about Angela here.

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