2017 PRO Leadership Team

Mark Herron, our newly elected PRO President, announced the 2017 Board of directors this past Friday, January 6thOur 2017 goals include growing our Portland membership by 25% to reach 50 members.


Our Board of Directors:

President: Mark Herron

Vice President: Angela Todd

Treasurer: Steve Bennett

Secretary: Wendy Faye

Membership Chair: Judy Powell

Referral Chair: Jeff Church

Past President: Steve Ryan

Also appointed are the following positions and committee members:

Facilities: Alex Henderson

Dues: Ruth Register

Membership Committee Members: Greg Parsons & Jeff Anderson

Referral Committee Members: Mark Turnbull & Chris Soloman

Program Chair: Sandy Zietz

Program Chair Backup: Matt Williams

Visitation: Dr. Meridith Dawson

Sergeant at Arms: Lonny Hutchinson

Business Mixer Chair: Ashley Marxen

Business Mixer Committee Member: Megan Peterson

Inspectors: Tracy Krueger & Tyler Steinsled

Ethics: Carol Vreeland

Mentor: John Hatch

More About PRO Portland

The Professional Referral Organization (PRO) Portland was founded over 12 years ago by a small group of business owners that wanted a better place to network. Now, with over 40 members, PRO Portland has successfully passed thousands of referrals with traceable totals in the millions of dollars. If you are looking for an established business networking group in Portland that has a history of success combined with a modern approach, join us for breakfast on to see if we can help each other’s business grow together.

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