PRO Portland After Hours – First Event of 2019 a Big Success

PRO Portland After Hours May 2019

“Pub Talk” at the Lucky Lab Draws Old & New Friends of PRO

Why not mix Happy Hour with small business education?  Why not hangout, have some fun, and learn something new? De-compress after work on a Thursday?

That’s what we thought!  PRO members Juliet Williams (social chair, MYK therapist) and Liz Zenger (membership chair, acupuncturist) got together with Gabrielle Proust (professional organizer) to plan the first-ever PRO Portland After Hours on May 2, 2019 at the Lucky Lab on North Killingsworth.

What does every small business need?  For one, we could all be better organized and make better use of our time. Featured presenter, Gabrielle Proust (Proust Dynamic Organizing) focused on “How to Max Your Work Time ROI” with better time management and organizing.

The intimate, private-party room was filled with PRO members, spouses, and guests for this short, workshop-style interactive program.  Afterwards, we all hung out, enjoying good company, food and drink.

How To Max Your Work Time ROI: Key Tips

Here’s a few tips that I picked up from Gabrielle Proust:

  1. Multi-tasking does not work.  Tasks take longer when you multitask, because your brain has to switch from task to task.  So, focus and concentrate, pals!
  2. Start a big project at the end of the day.  This seems paradoxical, but it does work.  Take time in the last ten or fifteen minutes of the day to organize your thoughts and materials for the big project.  Then, you will be ready to start in on it when you are fresh in the morning.  (Personally, I find this works well for blog-writing.)
  3. Each person’s organizing style is different.  Gabrielle gave us a list of resources on different systems that suit different needs.  Different strokes for different folks!

Looking Forward to Upcoming PRO Portland Events?

At the moment, no future PRO After Hours have been scheduled – yet!  But there surely will be soon.  In the meantime, come to our regular Friday morning meetings at the Multnomah Athletic Club.  See you there!

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