PRO Portland Business Networking 8-19-2011


PRO Portland Business Networking
PRO Portland has added another business professional to the group. PRO Portland is a professional business networking and referral group located in Portland, Oregon. Several referrals were shared in this weeks meeting to various members. However, Tom Smith of Tom Smith Travel, passed more leads this week than all other members. Tom Smith is a Portland travel agent that is able to utilize his work experience on six continents including the finest airlines, cruise lines, hotels/resorts, rail and tour companies in the world for discerning travelers.

About PRO Portland Business Networking
PRO in an organized group consisting of business professionals working together in a cohesive environment towards one unified goal. PRO delivers a comfortable atmosphere where you can meet other business professionals face-to-face to share the services you provide, successful marketing strategies, industry strengths and experiences.

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Because PRO gives you the opportunity to share your businesses service, it allows you the ability to reach new potential clientele that you would not otherwise be able to reach or help with your valuable service.

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