Referral Totals 2011

Member Referral Totals For 2011

PRO Portland is a new and upcoming referral and business networking group. We meet every Friday at the MAC Club to eat breakfast, network and pass along qualified referrals. Our qualified referrals are hand delivered from PRO members, the prospective client is expecting your call and ready to do business. We are a fun group so bring your sense of humor and a few leads if you have them.

Good Food, Good People & Good Business

2011 Totals
Last year PRO Portland, the newer referral group, generated over $100,000.00 in actual business! That equates to over $3,500.00 per-member! Over 500 qualified referrals were passed. However, only half were turned back in so we need to work on that as a group, you know who you are! We are confident that these referral totals would be a lot higher if all the members reported the earnings from each lead.

Our Mission
PRO Portland provides the forum and structure for a diversified group of experienced business people to enhance their marketing efforts. PRO members achieve higher sales through business networking growth and maintenance of professional relationships. PRO gives you the tools you need to achieve the success you are looking for! PRO Portland offers a unique environment where business professionals like you can thrive using modern day business networking. PRO delivers a comfortable atmosphere where you can meet other business professionals face-to-face to share the services you provide, successful marketing strategies, industry strengths and experiences.

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