When did we all move to Times Square?

 Brand Marketing in Times Square

Who doesn’t know Times Square? The lights, signs and moving images are iconic worldwide. So much noise and confusion. It is easy to forget that practically every inch of space in Times Square is marketing. Each sign being bigger or brighter in an effort to establish one brand in front of another. How much time does one company really have to get their message across? Brands overlapping Brands in a fight for a few moments of recognition and remembrance. This seems crazy. To most people this is crazy!

I have news for you, we all moved to Times Square in the last few years.

 The internet opened the door, the smart phone stepped in and social media set up a 24 / 7 rock band in your living room.

Shocking but true. Now what? How does any company, let alone your company, establish market recognition?

IT STARTS WITH BRAND. A well executed brand marketing plan defines who your company is and what your company’s values are. When authentic, a brand strategy engages and motivates your ideal clients. Loyalty and lasting remembrance are established. Brand advocates are born. Take your time. Do the work and validate your conclusions with the marketplace. And for the same reasons people seek out your expertise; hire a professional brand strategist. When well executed, it is the best you can do. It is the best any company can do.

 You get only a few moments. Be remembered for the right reasons.

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